2012: At 70 years of the start of the Aquarian Age

I want to be born again, more old refuses to die.

Kanon Kimoto Eien PressureKanon Kimoto Oscura Eien Pressure 

This words are specific to the Venerable Master Samael Aun Weor, while with the physical body; … In this “valley of samsara.” (Planet Earth)

In the Gnostic happen we set that as humanity we have two alternatives considerably palpable:

a) O under whatever reason, we keep making the mistakes the past, risking condemnation of repeating history.

b) Or learn from those mistakes, taking them as experience, and create a “new way”.

Maeda Ami Eien Pressure

If these anthropological terms, leading to a “real reason ” , then ….
For Jesus Christ : YOU HELP EACH !

It is a great opportunity .

The unique requirements of the law Awake and Aware ask us are:

* – . ‘s Work light, revolution and consciousness in our internal state. ( Elimination of defects , seminal -sexual transmutation alchemist inward and upward )

* – . Ensure help and support our neighbors.

If at least they tried could achieve ; If lograse what would have rarely or never had: Freedom Integra, Common Cosmic Bliss , Logoic Transcendental Spiritual Emancipation , and others.

Shinoda Mariko Eien Pressure

Some very problablemente comment on : That this treaty is a form of tyranny , a psychological madness. These words … possibly result from crimes or abuses that have been committed in the name of religion , in the name of God.

There is a way to know if this is written or not, crazy. Just … just ask: What is it that makes us slaves or miserable ? & What is it that makes us feel good consigos themselves and really free ?

Shimazaki Haruka B Eien Pressure

The historical legacy of the various avataras tell yourself : Buddha, Pythagoras, Saint Germain , Quetzalcoatl and others; …. This reflected in large changes bonanzas for the common good , even when things usually carry a risk : Large or small, benign or malignant .logo-maestros1
We are told that the ” exalted or exalted ” , should be sacrifice oneself  by this or that : Determined humanity. Why (? ) … Why sacrifice ” well understood ” entails that their effort has meaning , has a value . That ship … has meaning .

Jesus of Nazareth commented Barabbas : … I have come to ” take upon myself ” the sins of the world . Whoever follows me ” should do the same “.

Life …… In practice , we realize that this is not easy. Why (? ) , Because for most people it is not easy to them , deal with defects ( sins ) own or strangers.

Kanon Kimoto Miyu Takeuchi & Elemento 48 Eien Pressure

What all current or doctrine normally look are: Balanced Men, Women Balanced . It …. But this is a practical matter , a path to follow. Or …. as would the Chinese proverb : The longest journey , is smaller taking the first step .

Shimazaki Haruka Eien Pressure

But all this is usually a single apex and everyone. …. The result of your actions will depend on you.

Eien Pressure AKB48


Maeda Ami B Eien Pressure



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