Steps of meditation : Death of the Ego . ( Practicality)

Give to Caesar what is of Caesar .

And … God , what is God’s.

( Jeshua Ben Pandira )


Normally .
A condemned to die.
An angel guides you hell.
( mention popular )


* – . Asana . Comfortable position ( sitting, lying , lotus flower , standing , etc. . ) .

* – . Relaxation. Delete , delete or minimize any external or internal stress of our physical body ( respiraciòin exercises , psychotherapy, etc. . ) .

* – . Hindsight. Vislumbramiento or observation of all and as we did during the day (as a regression , as a projection on backwards , etc. . ) .

* – . Introspection. Verification or check the defect or defects that demonstrated different during the day. With a certain ” psychological picture .” It discusses factors establecieronla apparition of a particular defect. Understanding that also , quite possibly , That ò these defects , we have : All human beings .

* – . Esgrimiento Logoic . The assistance of our ” inner mother ” and our inner Kaom is requested . Imagine , you see ; We see our mother draws his sword and blesses us in the front. Thereupon put on ( the ) defect ( s ) in the dock . We ask our internal Kaom be the one who judges him . Imagine ‘s see , we see how our internal Kaom with his sword drawn to the default and condemns him to the abyss : They die, they die that red demon Seth. Now with supreme devotion to our inner mother explained ; All damage that has caused the defect . And she would do well if we eliminated . We see our inner mother grabs his spear, pointing to the defect; Lance sprouts a soaring beam voltage, ae attacking fire to the defect. Driving him ashes. A strong wind carried these ceniozas , leaving only a pebble ; That diamond (gemstone ) is our consciousness that this defect had stolen . We see this as our mother stone gathers and puts our esoteric heart.

* – . Elimination of psychological picture. We thank our inner mother Kaom and for their assistance. With this we have to delete the photo psychological ” transmuting ” our seminal energy equipment . They stick to the coccyx, to rise as fire serpent ‘s spine , which reaches the brain ea ( eliminating the psychological picture) to go down the root of the nose, and finally ‘ gets to the heart .

Mantras :
S Aztec .
Ham- Sha Chinese.
Tom Tom -Sha -Ra -Ha -Ha Egyptian.

berryz-koubou-smileage-warera-jeanne-shoujo-seiesen-kageki (1)



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