Transcendental Sexology ( Transmutation Alchemist )

Give to Caesar what is of Caesar .

And … God , what is God.

( Jeshua Ben Pandira )



this amounts to Heaven ;

the backbone of the Devil.

( Esgrimiento Esoterico )

Kuramochi-Asuka-Cosplay Itsumo Soba Ni

* – . Asana . Comfortable position ( sitting, lying , lotus flower , standing , etc. . ) .

* – . Relaxation. Remove , eliminate or minimize any external or internal stress of our physical body. ( Breathing exercises , psychotherapy , etc.).

* – . Transmutation .

Imagine , you see ; We see our previously prepared seminal energy and snakelike ( s ) leaves our bodies our creators, hits the coccyx, our spine rises , reaches the brain, down the root of the nose and finally arrives to the heart .

Mantras :

a) Chinese Ham Sha : Air is inhaled imagining transmuting our energy up ; While mentally mantraliza : Hammm . After pronouncing orally exhaled : Sha . This is repeated as many times as necessary.

b ) S Azteca. Inhaled air imagining transmuting our energy ; And exhaling orally pronounced : Ssssss . Repeat as often as necessary.

c ) Tom Tom Sha Ha Ha Ra Egyptian. Cover with our thumb, one of the ports of one’s nose ; In the other hole is inhaled unison imagine our energy up while mantralizamo mentally Tooooom ; This second hole with the index finger is also retaining the air cap mantralizando mentally Shaaa ; Our loose or open thumb hole for air to escape while mantralizamos mentally Haaaa .

Then inhale through the hole left thumb open up our energy imagining I mantralizando mentally Toooom ; We close this hole again mantralizando mentally raAAA ; Abree slips or index finger mantralizando mentally Haaaa .

Perform this dynamic many times as necessary.

Cosplay48 Demonio

1 – The formula that Venerabe Master Samael Aun Weor . ; He has established for humanity is Aquarian with is: Nó spilling into seminis .

. 2 – These practices , they can do so :

* – . Both Men and Women .

* – . Single and married people .

Caduceo de mercurio Fuerza Kundalini



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